Product Code: Rose Geranium Facial Scrub with Apricot & Papaya - 50ml
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Rose Geranium Facial Scrub with Apricot & Papaya - 50ml


The skin requires a constant polishing to look amazing ...
Skin is amazing and it deserves to look amazing all the time.  A face wash or scrub in your product range will give your skincare products the edge when it comes to looking after your customers skin. Our face washes and scrubs utilise natural plant oils to naturally cleanse and tone.  We don't believe in harsh foaming agents, so our cream face washes and face scrubs use only blended oils to create a luxury product that not only feels soft and silky, but won't dry out the skin like standard foaming face products tend to do.  It is a myth that in order to cleanse, a product should foam.  This is a false statement and is untrue.  Natural oils will cleanse the skin far better because they work with the skins natural PH balance.


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