...with Tea Tree, Lavender & Chamomile

Tender loving care for sensitive, irritated or troublesome skin.

Individually these are great oils to use but once blended together they become a fabulous all round blend that can be used for anything and everything!

Great on dry, sensitive and irritated skin.

 Vegan Friendly

Please Note - We only use Manuka Essential Oil NOT Manuka Honey.


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De-stress skin and mind

TLC Manuka Whipped Cream & Moisturiser Bergamot & Orange Essential Oils


Body Lotion and Moisturiser

TLC Body Lotion - 100ml

Luxurious Paraben and Sulphate Free Body Lotion hand blended with tea tree, lavender and chamomile. This all over...

TLC & Manuka Daily...

Luxury daily moisturiser now with my 'magic' blend of Tea tree, lavender, chamomile & manuka essential oils.

TLC Whipped Cream with Manuka...

This all round handy cream can work wonders on irritated skin. A great potion for the whole family to use. The...